About us

Raythink is committed to the research and development of innovative applications of vehicle mounted AR display products, providing customers with a highly reusable AR Generator ecological software platform, which enables the vehicle HMI system to continuously embed independent software algorithms/applications, and convert them into AR display graphics and visual effects.

Years ago, Raythink has developed the first AR HUD product which was installed in simulation cockpits. In 2019, we founded the company and launched our first consumer AR HUD product for cars.

Augmented Reality Technology

Raythink is a rapidly growing start-up that establishes international teams with talents from various fields of design, engineering, and marketing. Together we created the AR HUD system to enhance smart cities, facilitate 5G application, increase smart mobility, and lift interactive technology to another level. At Raythink we believe in the horizontal management of our teams to ensure everyone is supported in creating their very best. We welcome candidates who are interested in new or future technologies to join us.

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