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LBS Laser Engineer

Work place:Taipei
Release time:2021-08-20
Month Salary:NTD 50,000-100,000
This position is mainly focused on developing laser beam scanning (LBS) technology. And the details are as follows:
1. Build optical experiment related to LBS and its components, such as test of laser beam, test of dichroic prism/mirror, test of MEMS mirror, and etc.
2. Study, research and analyze the characteristics of LBS. Like the propagation of laser beam, the polarization of laser beam, and etc.
3. Cooperate with mechanical engineer about optical engine design.
4. Assist and attend the technical communication with optical vendors.
5. Based on the result of the Optic-Mechanical design to do the analysis for the optical system, and also provide comments and suggestions for the Optic-Mechanical design.
6. To make the technical agreement for the outsource of the LBS optical module, and responsible to follow-up and acceptance, and also do the quality control and schedule control.
7. Track and analyze the up-to-date information and cutting-edge technology of worldwide LBS optical related areas.
8. The developed LBS module is applied on the AR-HUD of passenger car, so you shall study and understand the basic function of AR-HUD.