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Software FAE Engineer

Work place:Taipei
Release time:2021-08-20
1. Demonstrate the functions and software architecture of the company‘s AR HUD to the customer (automobile factory).
2. Acquire the software requirements from customers (automobile factory), and communicate with the internal software department of the company.
3. Prepare software brief description according to customer requirements, respond to customer software problems, and report to supervisor regularly.
4. Support software testing, and assist test engineer to communicate with Indian team if necessary.
5. Assist the business department to show and explain the products to customers.
6. Support domestic and foreign trade exhibitions and marketing activities, and make presentations and explanations, such as exhibitions, advertisements and conferences.
7. The main customers of the company are the automobile factory or the tier1 supplier, mainly in the greater China. After epidemic situation, there will be opportunities to travel to mainland China, Japan, Europe and America.
8. The company‘s development environment is Linux and Android, and the hardware platform is NXP imx6, imx8, etc.
Job requirements
1. Bachelor‘s degree or above. computer science, electrical engineering and other related majors are preferred.
2. More than 3 years working experience in related software. Experience in embedded software, firmware, algorithm, UX / UI is preferred. Knowledge of C, C + +, Python and other programming languages is preferred.
3. Familiar with Linux OS and Android OS development platform, familiar with nxpimx6, nxpimx8 and other vehicle multimedia hardware platform is preferred;
4. Experience in HUD development is preferred, or ar glasses, HMD headwear products, ADAS, navigation, projector, camera software experience.
5. Working experience in automobile factory or auto parts supplier is preferred. Familiar with the quality system requirements of TS16949 / iatf16949 and VDA6.3 is preferred.
6. Strong communication skills, ability to maintain good relationship with customers, team spirit, fluent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing is preferred.